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Risk is Everywhere

I think we all forget that we, as humans, are natural risk managers. We do it so innately that we don’t even think about it. Every day we process a huge numbers of risks, determine the appropriate controls, implement those controls and then determine if the controls work. Said another… Read More

Interesting Statistics ‘Hot off the Press’ from our First Risk Survey Webinar

Yesterday saw the first of four webinars presenting the latest findings from our “What Makes a Great Risk Manager?” survey. During the event we conducted some instant polls on related topics. These provided some very interesting statistics.   Almost half of registrants to the webinar series (49%) still rely on… Read More

Is a New Breed of Risk Managers Emerging?

Active Risk’s ‘What Makes a Great Risk Manager?’ survey, now has over 600 respondents and has thrown up some unexpected results. 60% of the Risk Professionals who took part conformed to the ‘traditional’ view of risk managers, i.e. analytical, logical, followers of process. The big surprise is that around 40%… Read More

Risk is a 4 Letter Word!

For many the term risk = unwanted or bad; right up there with its more famous 4-letter word cousins. It’s understandable. Oil spills, meltdowns, bankruptcies, corporate scandals and economic collapse have become everyday discussion items. Joined to these topics is the generally held belief that failure and catastrophe are the… Read More

What Makes a Great Risk Manager?

Risk managers come in all shapes and sizes and are from diverse backgrounds. I was amazed to find that very little research had been carried out into what makes a great risk manager and whether these skills are changing to meet emerging challenges.   Active Risk commissioned research which began… Read More