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Enterprise Risk Management Helps Embed Smart Risk Taking Into Company Culture

Loren Padelford’s recent blog post “Enterprise Risk Management and The Bottom Line” highlights the growing body of evidence that enterprise risk management can have significant impact on company performance. But to gain the benefits how can organizations engage employees and embed risk management into their business culture?   According to… Read More

Enterprise Risk Management and The Bottom Line

“3X EBITDA” – Ernst & Young “2X Price to Book Value” – PwC “3-5% Enterprise Value” – Wharton School of Business “1-3% lower insurance costs” – S&P   And it goes on and on like this. On this blog I spend a lot of time talking about how enterprise risk… Read More

Is Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) at the Tipping Point?

The idea of a “tipping point” has been around since Everett Rogers published the theory in 1962, and was reinforced in Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference published in 2000. In short, the idea is about change and the rate of adoption…. Read More

London 2012 Olympics. The business legacy begins…

London 2012 Olympics – The major capital projects legacy is underway The much trumpeted business legacy from the London 2012 Olympics is becoming more tangible less than a week after the closing ceremony.   The hoped-for business boost has two dimensions. Firstly, inward investment into the UK due to the… Read More

London 2012 Olympics. “We did it right” and now the legacy?

If it’s possible to let out the breath you’ve been holding for 17 days, shed a tear and cheer at the same time, then that’s what most Brits did as the flames went out on the London 2012 cauldron and the Olympic flag was passed on to Rio 2016.  … Read More