We continue our series on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Projects Managers with a practice that is critical in every stage of a project and can ultimately determine it’s end result – communicate often.

A successful project manager is aware that frequent and consistent communication is a key factor in a project’s outcome, and that it differs from collaboration. The purpose of communicating often is to ensure that the information being communicated is not only heard, but also understood.

Mapping out a communication plan prior to the start of a project can lead to an organized and systematic flow of information from beginning to end. Additionally, trying multiple different methods of communication early on allows a project manager to recognize those methods that are working and those that are not.


To ensure that information is both heard and understood may require different modes of communication, whether through verbal instructions, written memos, or emails. Implementing the method, or combination of methods, that work most effectively will translate into the success of a project. Technology can play a pivotal role in a communication strategy, while saving time and driving accountability.


The utilization of web-based project collaboration software allows project managers to effectively target and speed up project-specific communication, while determining clear action items that individuals will be held accountable for. These action items are never lost, because the software documents them in the project management system and automatically sends reminders to the individuals responsible for carrying out the assigned tasks.


Enhanced communication across all areas of a project is essential. The project collaboration software eases the process of having to communicate the same messages multiple times by integrating RFIs, submittals, digital photographs, meeting minutes, and other correspondence on one platform. These items can be viewed and addressed from any location, reinforcing the environment of consistent communication.


Similar to highly advanced project collaboration software, Active Risk Manager (ARM) provides a single repository for all of the risk information related to your project or program, greatly enhancing your team’s communication around project risk management. Learn more about the ways that ARM can help teams work better together by checking out ARM Apps and ARM Unplugged.


For the complete list of our 7 habits, please see our blog post on the subject here and let us know your best methods of effective communication in the comment section below!

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