Guest blog – Paul Leach – Principal of Commercial & Risk, JukesTodd.


In our business we provide professional services to improve outcomes and business performance for organizations in the mining, infrastructure and energy sectors.


We identified early on when working with our clients that good risk management practice is essential to the successful delivery of all projects including achievement of agreed budgets and timescales. In fact, risk management has always been fundamental to our services approach.


While skilled at identifying risk and opportunities, we recognized that we needed a disciplined approach to help us better manage and drive value from the risk management process – a system that would benefit both us and our clients.


For us Active Risk Manager is that system – it helps us to keep track of project risks, and holds us to account for delivery of effective risk mitigation strategies. This disciplined approach to risk management is now central to our work.


Although companies and clients recognise the value of risk management and what it brings to their business, they don’t always have or can justify acquiring the internal skills at the appropriate levels to drive and support the risk process. This where we our business model, working with ARM technology, complements our clients’ expertise to deliver the required results.


What has made the real difference for us in this model is not just ARM’s capability, but also the intuitive and easy to use interface of ARM Risk Express. It made the final selection of a risk management tool very easy for us.


Risk Express makes risk integral to the business. It is intuitive to use, requiring limited training – if you can use an iPhone you can use Risk Express. And the fact that it can be loaded onto a smart phone or tablet means that it appeals to 99% of users. They can have a quick look at their dashboard and see if they have any actions, while the heavy risk analysis and reports can be managed in the background by a risk specialist.


We have found that Risk Express can facilitate a very positive risk aware culture across an organisation in not only identifying risks and opportunities, but also practical options to achieve the potential benefits for the business.


As a consultancy we have in the past been vendor agnostic in our approach, but our positive experience of using ARM, and the business benefits we have seen, have resulted in us being able to offer a service which we believe adds measureable value to our clients.

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