Active Risk Manager 6 – a game-changing, new release which makes Enterprise Risk Management simple, valuable and personal – is now available globally


Active Risk today announced the global availability of ARM 6, the latest release of its award winning Active Risk Manager (ARM) software. ARM 6 is a game-changing release that makes it simple to engage more employees in the risk management process, visualize connections between risks, and graphically report risks more effectively.


Loren Padelford, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Active Risk said, “Risk Management is often portrayed as complex. After listening to feedback from hundreds of customers, we’ve developed ARM 6 to make risk management simple, valuable and personal. ARM 6 delivers effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) capabilities that will transform organizations, helping them to focus on the risks that really impact business strategy and performance.”


New in ARM 6:


ARM Core – enhanced globalization features, including multi-currency and multi-language enablement, and deeper project management integration
ARM Risk Connectivity – the unique ability to identify hidden ‘catalyst risks’ which can have major cross-functional impacts
ARM Risk Performance Manager (RPM) – the fastest way to create personalized, graphically-rich reports and dashboards, without the need for IT resources
ARM Apps – easy-to-use Apps for risk and incident management designed specifically for front-line employees
ARM Unplugged – a simple, offline risk application with synchronization to ARM’s corporate risk register eliminating disconnected spreadsheets


Padelford said, “ARM 6 provides a simple way to involve more employees in the risk process and makes it personal to the role they play. It turns risk-related data into a valuable corporate resource to drive strategy and performance. ARM 6 is the first and only ERM solution that helps organizations visualize the interdependency of risks. You can pinpoint catalyst risks and take action to protect your project, reputation and shareholder value.”


ARM 6 addresses risk management needs at all levels of the business, from individual projects, programs and up to the enterprise level.


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