August 13, 2012, Maidenhead, UK – Active Risk, the first Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution provider to drive business performance by enabling organizations to manage risk more effectively, would like to recognize the achievement of customers of its Active Risk Manager (ARM) software who have been actively involved in the success of the London 2012 Olympics.


Active Risk customers worked on many aspects of the Games including the planning and organization; construction of the venues; and provision of London’s transport infrastructure and services.


Loren Padelford, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Active Risk commented, “Olympic Games are unique projects with many stakeholders to please, no option to slip the delivery date and national reputations at stake in front of a global audience. The risk management challenges are immense. An integrated approach is needed which allows risks to be identified and mitigated across a complex network of organizations. ARM has played its part both in the preparation and during the Games. The venues were all completed on time with no construction fatalities. This created the impressive backdrop to showcase the achievements of the athletes.”


London’s complex transport infrastructure also coped well with the increased numbers of passengers. ARM users Transport for London, London Underground and Network Rail worked together to determine potential risks at a time when other major transport construction projects such as Crossrail and Thameslink were also underway in Central London. Mitigation strategies included temporary Olympic road lanes; traffic light re-phasing; rescheduling planned construction; and a publicity campaign to encourage regular commuters to work from home or travel off-peak.


“We are very proud that ARM has contributed to the success of our customers involved in the London Games. The ability to show that your organization has a track record of effective risk management is increasingly important to win more business. The legacy of the Games will enhance the reputation of all those involved,” concluded Padelford.