Airbus Helicopters takes an enterprise view of risk with
Active Risk Manager.


Introduction – Active Risk Manager at Airbus Helicopters

Airbus Helicopters, world leader in the civil and parapublic helicopter market and Europe’s largest manufacturer of defence helicopters, and its parent company EADS Group, have been using Active Risk Manager (ARM) since 2006 to manage project and business risk. The ARM technology forms the central reference point at Airbus Helicopters for all risk data and risk management practices, from projects and contracts to compliance objectives and governance activities. The proven ARM enterprise risk management solution has created a structured framework of consistent risk management processes to save time and enhance productivity across the enterprise.


The Challenge

Airbus Helicopters have the most comprehensive and versatile range of helicopters in the world with more than 2,800 customers in 147 countries. Airbus Helicopters believe that Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is pivotal to managing the organization’s complex and global business effectively. To drive the business forward, Airbus Helicopters required a robust, automated solution that could be used by all subsidiary companies and offices around the world to guarantee a consolidated risk picture for the Chief Executive and Executive Committee.


The Solution Using Active Risk Manager

To meet its ERM challenges Airbus Helicopters use Active Risk’s ARM software to manage project and business risk in a proactive manner. The ARM technology has been instrumental in creating the consistent set of risk management processes and the common language which have been adopted enterprise-wide. The ARM system has been seamlessly integrated with other internal systems and business processes, such as financial planning, to drive further efficiencies across the business.


Airbus Helicopters skilled risk professionals can quickly and accurately collate data from a variety of sources, analyze it and then apply it to strategic decision making that tangibly supports customers. Finally, the ability to measure the effectiveness of the enterprise risk management process has to be regularly measured and demonstrated and without ARM this was a difficult and time consuming process in itself. Active Risk Manager underpins the strategically important contribution ERM makes to the entire Airbus Helicopters organization.


The major benefit of deploying ARM at Airbus Helicopters has been the ability to implement solid and consistent risk management processes – easily understood by everyone – across the whole company. The ARM technology is truly embedded within the culture of Airbus Helicopters with risk management best practice efficiently implemented at all levels. Another positive impact of the use of ARM technology is the amount of time saved throughout the process. With all the pieces of the jigsaw gathered together in one system, time is now better used in analyzing the data and in better informed decision making.


All elements combine to help Airbus Helicopters deliver excellent customer service and are fundamental to driving forward the business.


Summary of the Benefits ARM Provides to Airbus Helicopters

  • A single automated solution saves time and ensures accuracy of data
  • The ARM technology supports the deployment of homogeneous risk management processes and a single risk language across the business
  • The availability of checklists, templates and easy access to historical data facilitates consistent risk reporting to Airbus Helicopters customers including government contracts
  • Bids are more accurate and secure as they are based on comprehensive data derived from past experiences and lessons learned from previous proposals
  • Integration with other internal systems and the linking with financial planning demonstrates the effectiveness of the enterprise risk management process and encourages enterprise-wide acceptance of a cohesive approach to risk management
  • Fast, secure reporting across all parts of the business, including Airbus Helicopters subsidiaries and corporate entities, provides a reliable, consolidated view of risks and opportunities enterprise-wide
  • The clear audit trail, metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) provided by ARM enable Airbus Helicopters Chief Risk Officer to measure and prove the effectiveness of the ERM system
  • The ability to check actual performance against specific targets improves risk assessment and the efficiency of risk responses

Airbus Helicopters Case Study

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