ARM Apps are easy-to-use web applications that you can access through your intranet, MS SharePoint or mobile devices. They deliver just the part of ARM you need to engage organizational stakeholders in the risk management process without requiring them to become a risk management expert. ARM Apps make it easy and affordable to embed a risk-aware culture and meet compliance requirements.

  • Enable easy access to specific elements of the risk and compliance process needed by different job roles in the business and supplier base
  • Provide the ability for relevant employees to enter incidents, issues, risks and opportunities and for their managers to review this information and the related controls, fallbacks and actions
  • Pulls everyone into the risk management process to ensure that the organization has the most complete picture of risk and opportunity information for better-informed decisions
  • ARM Apps can be embedded into corporate intranets or accessed out of the office. This provides, for example, the ability for all employees to report accidents and incidents, record risks or to highlight opportunities for improvement
  • Reduce the requirements for training and makes it easy to stay in the loop


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