Active Risk Manager extends its reach Worldwide. Strategic Thought announces 11 new contracts in the first five months of its fiscal year including two new customers in Australia.


Strategic Thought, the enterprise risk management (ERM) company, has announced that it has signed eleven contracts with new and existing customers for Active Risk Manager in the first five months of its new fiscal year.  Active Risk Manager is a comprehensive, web-based enterprise risk and issue management software solution.


This continued growth shows commitment both to the value of ERM to business performance as well as to the achievable benefits delivered by ARM.


Active Risk Manager continues to demonstrate its success in the defence and aerospace sector globally by way of new contracts with existing US customers including, Northrop Grumman Corporation, who have bought a significant amount of ARM licences for use throughout a major US Intelligence Agency,  and Hamilton Sunstrand, one of the largest global suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and industrial products.  Sandia National Labs, part of the Department of Energy, has also purchased licences.


Other new customers include insurance provider Generali in the City of London, Eurocopter, part of EADS, one of the largest aerospace groups in the world, and a second major European energy provider.  Essent Netwerk in the Netherlands already uses Active Risk Manager for asset management in relation to its electricity and gas network and has recently purchased further licenses.


Additional Active Risk Manager Licences were sold to energy company Essent for use at corporate level, the asset management company Morley FM which is part of the Aviva Group and sub-sea contractor CTC Marine Projects.


We have seen further growth in the Australasia region, with the Northern Gateway Alliance buying more licenses and two new major engineering companies both establishing themselves as ARM customers; Abigroup Ltd. and Leighton Contractors. Leighton Contractors Pty Limited in Australia is one of a number of divisions of Leighton Holdings Group,  Australia’s largest contracting and development group.


Karl Pringle, General Manager of Strategic Thought Inc said, “These important new customer wins underline the universal acceptance of Active Risk Manager as a world leading enterprise risk management product for all aspects of risk management.  From defence assets, to stocks and bonds, to bridges in the Australian outback, Strategic Thought is able to innovate, support and importantly simply and efficiently deliver an achievable ERM vision to its ever growing customer base.”


Charles Longridge, Business Development Manager for EMEA concluded, “Since the launch of Active Risk Manager in 2001 our core vertical markets have been aerospace, defence and transportation.  The new contracts this year illustrate the expansion of the enterprise risk management (ERM) marketplace into other sectors and how the continued investment in Active Risk Manager has increased its functionality and kept it ahead of the competition across a wide range of industries.”


Additional information on the new customer’s use of Active Risk Manager will be available in the coming months.