23 June was not just the day that UK citizens voted on the EU Referendum, it was also the day that our series of Global Conferences went to London.


This was the largest of our conferences to date, and we were delighted to welcome record numbers of attendees, despite traffic chaos caused by heavy rain.


Our two keynote speakers, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the renowned adventurer and polar explorer and Michael White, Assistant Editor of the Guardian and broadcaster were both were extremely entertaining. Ran told numerous anecdotes of hair-raising near-disaster in polar expeditions, with plenty of grizzly photos. He also talked about his earlier military career, and about reducing risk in warfare – particularly reducing the number of deaths of soldiers. His final comment was that nature isn’t out to get you, but in business, your competitors are. The risks are different, but planning is key.


Michael White reminded us all that it is the fate of humans to forget mistakes they made in the past and to repeat them. He proceeded to give us a very brief history lesson of the EU, which was very enlightening. A salient reminder of the importance of risk management where risks are documented and analysed using a rigorous process which can help to remove emotion, or indeed, forgetfulness ensuring better business decisions.


The stars of the show, of course, were the customers that gave their time to share with us all their risk management journeys, namely, TSB, BT and GE Oil & Gas. All very different stories to tell, with key take away points for us all.


We are looking forward to our final conference of 2016 in Sydney in September. For more details and to book your place click here

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