ARM Risk Connectivity provides a unique way for senior management and risk professionals to visualize risks and to analyze connections. This gives a more realistic picture of the risks which could have a material impact on your business.


Traditionally, managers have based decisions on static ‘Top Ten Risk List’ reports. This approach has ignored the reality that risks are connected to other risks, and the fact that small, but highly-connected risks, often act as catalysts for others which can have catastrophic business impacts.


ARM Risk Connectivity embeds a unique algorithm developed by University professors which identifies risk connections and teams this with a cutting-edge visualization tool and analyzer.


ARM Risk Connectivity’s capabilities include:

  • Interactive visualization of risk and opportunity information which brings the true picture of enterprise risk to life and goes well beyond traditional static reports
  • Measurement of the inter-connectivity of risks and how one risk could impact on others
  • Identification of ‘catalyst risks’ which can trigger and amplify other risks with higher impacts
  • Communication of the dynamic nature of risks and opportunities to senior executives
  • Identification of where organizations should focus resources and further analysis


ARM Risk Connectivity provides a new way to drive informed debate on the risks which can have the greatest impact on business performance.


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