Strategic Thought announces a major new release of Active Risk Manager to meet Corporate Governance Responsibilities. Active Risk Manager Release 2.08 introduces Corporate Governance module to help customers with compliance.


Strategic Thought Group PLC, the developer of Active Risk Manager, today announced the release of a significant new software solution to help customers meet corporate governance responsibilities under Basel II and Sarbanes Oxley.


As the market leader in collaborative, enterprise project and operational risk management software, with customers such as NASA, Lockheed Martin and the Ministry of Defence, Strategic Thought has now added the remaining functionality to Active Risk Manager to enable a single enterprise wide risk management (ERM) solution to meet all risk management needs of the enterprise.


Mark Brown, Chief Operating Officer at Strategic Thought said, “We want to help our customers reduce the costs and effort associated with corporate governance compliance by enabling them to move from a one off compliance project to a “day to day” embedded process within the business using a single corporate risk and control register across the enterprise.”


Active Risk Manager 2.08 provides companies with a single risk management system across the enterprise which can identify, assess, manage and report against all business risks and controls. This means that project; health & safety, operational, environmental, financial, strategy and corporate risks can now be consolidated and managed in a collaborative manner.


Mark Brown continued, “Active Risk Manager 2.08 is the only risk management solution we are aware of that has the capability, both functionally and technically, to provide this total risk management process in an enterprise environment and therefore it is the only system that can enable an enterprise wide risk and opportunity culture to be deployed.”


A further feature of Active Risk Manager Release 2.08 is the addition of Active Risk Portal to enable the operational level of the business to communicate and interact with the risk management process in a simplistic manner. It also sees the introduction of Risk Portfolio Views which brings the benefits of the risk management process to wider parts of the business. Risk Portfolio Views include areas such as asset management, financial accounts, key performance indicators and operational processes.


Active Risk Manager Release 2.08 is available immediately and is free of charge to customers with current support and maintenance contracts.