To realize the full potential and value of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), you must embrace risk across all levels of the enterprise while integrating it into your everyday processes.


Active Risk has over 25 years of experience working with executives, risk professionals and project professionals at leading companies worldwide. Active Risk’s ERM solution, Active Risk Manager, delivers total visibility and is the system of record for all risk-related information within an organization.


Active Risk simplifies Enterprise Risk Management, creating opportunity and value. Different from other ERM solutions, Active Risk Manager (ARM) is the first and only solution to manage all six steps of the risk management process – including GRC and business intelligence (BI).



ARM is the only solution that simplifies the identification and analysis of all risks, at every level, in an organization so executives have a truly accurate view. An accurate, complete view of all risk is critical to the strategic decision making process, enabling business leaders to address challenges, identify opportunities and stay one step ahead of the competition!