As a risk professional, driving the process and systems to help manage risk is no small job. Risk professionals lead the charge in establishing and executing the organization’s risk approach, but don’t always have the support and systems needed to do so. To encourage adoption and integration in your organization, you need to make it easier – eliminating the complexity in the identification, analysis, management and control of risks with an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution.


With Active Risk, risk professionals can:

  • Gain senior management support and rely on it for decision-making
  • Create shared accountability so you can focus on high value areas of risk management
  • Ensure consistent understanding of risk and the processes for managing them
  • Integrate with your organization’s key business processes


Active Risk Manager (ARM) helps to eliminate the major obstacles that risk professionals face everyday and can be viewed by your organization as a tool to produce results. Once ARM is integrated and standardized within your key business processes, you’ll be able to distribute accountability and focus on high value areas of risk management.


Active Risk Simplifies ERM

Active Risk simplifies ERM into six steps, incorporating data from across all areas of the enterprise and organizing it into one dashboard, customized to your strategic objectives.

We have proven experience with all major risk management standards, including:

  • ISO 31000
  • COSO
  • SOX
  • AS/NZS 4360


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The Secret of What Makes a Great Risk Manager in less than 6 Minutes.

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