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London 2012 Olympics. “We did it right” and now the legacy?

If it’s possible to let out the breath you’ve been holding for 17 days, shed a tear and cheer at the same time, then that’s what most Brits did as the flames went out on the London 2012 cauldron and the Olympic flag was passed on to Rio 2016.  … Read More

London 2012 Olympics – the risk mitigation lessons so far…

One week into the London 2012 Olympics it’s time to take stock and see whether the major risks identified are materialising. And if there are any lessons for risk professionals.   Up until a few weeks ago there was typically British indifference and indeed scepticism about the Games. But with… Read More

Win More Contracts: Risk Management during the Bid Process

Conducting risk analysis before submitting a bid on a new project does more than save your team time, effort, and resources down the line… it can make the difference between winning and losing the project.   When working on a large capital project, project managers need to have a system… Read More

What Keeps Risk Managers Up at Night?

This question always gets people to lean in. I posed this question to hundreds of risk managers at several industry conferences including the RIMS ERM Conference, PMI Integrated Program Management Conference, and even our Active Risk User Conference and consistently get the same results.   In fact, it has become… Read More

6 Keys to Implementing Enterprise Risk Management

Many customers, business owners, executives and Board members ask me about what it takes to implement more robust risk management practices within their businesses. Sadly there is no silver bullet. However, there are things which are required if a company is going to implement Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) properly, and… Read More