There are four things that make Active Risk unlike any other Company in the world, and help us deliver the best ERM solutions to our customers:


1. Great People

The general business maxim goes, “If you want to be the best, you have to have the best people.” At Active Risk, we think we have some amazing employees. Their diverse backgrounds and skill sets create a team that is smart, creative, engaged and determined to ensure every customer has an incredible experience.


2. Relentless Focus

For more than 25 years, Active Risk has been 100 percent focused on Enterprise Risk Management. This isn’t a module, or side-project, or something we just jumped into. ERM is what we do. We are laser focused on one thing: Helping our customers take on more risk. We want our customers to win. We want them to be models of risk management success, and they regularly share with us that Active Risk is a critical part of their business.


3. Unbelievable Customers

Open a newspaper, listen to CNBC, read Fortune magazine and you will see and hear our customers’ names over and over. We have the biggest, most respected companies in the world working with us. Our customers are setting the standard in risk management and we are privileged to be part of their success.


4. Best-of-Breed Technology

Our Active Risk Manager (ARM) solution is the best-of-breed option for Enterprise Risk Management.  The most advanced ERM solution ever created, ARM has revolutionized the risk management industry, and changed the game forever.


Our customers tell us that it has changed the way they approach risk management and improved their business.


ARM has been independently recognized by Gartner, Aberdeen and Forrester as the leader in Enterprise Risk Management.