At Active Risk, we recognize the vital role our partners play in our success. Together with Active Risk, our partners comprise a community of organizations and individuals focused on a common goal – customer success. Our Partner Program provides a strong foundation of support and collaboration that fosters unparalleled value and mutual business success for our customers, our partners, and for Active Risk.


Active Risk is the leader in Enterprise Risk Management for the world’s largest Energy, Mining, Engineering, Aerospace and Government organizations. Whether it’s working with Active Risk to deliver integrated project risk solutions or delivering value added services around our award-winning products, there are many exciting opportunities for our partners to deliver valuable solutions to customers worldwide.


Our partners share Active Risk’s passion for customer success. Together we’re creating a thriving ecosystem in which we can all be successful. Active Risk is committed to supporting our partners through a framework built and designed to ensure success. This framework focuses on:

  • Greater market exposure and expanded business opportunities
  • Rewards for sales success, solution development, and the ability to satisfy our mutual customers
  • Collaborative planning and execution
  • On-going support and development


When you join the Active Risk Partner Program, you will have access to exciting opportunities for growth and new business.


The Active Risk Alliances Program offers:

  • Sales and marketing assistance
  • Technical support
  • Participation in Active Risk events
  • Access to Active Risk’s growing base of customers
  • Joint sales planning and co-marketing initiatives
  • Access to Active Risk’s sales tools, pricing, and collateral
  • Access to Active Risk’s award-winning, licensed software
  • On-location and web-based product and technical training


If you are interested in becoming an Active Risk Partner, please contact us for more information via email.