Crossrail is Europe’s largest infrastructure
project to drive a new railway beneath Central London
which will increase London’s rail‐based transport network
capacity by 10%. It has embraced risk management as
critical to its success. It is actively working to share
this positive experience with its wider supply chain to push forward best practices in the construction industry.


The Importance of Risk Management to Crossrail

“Managing risk and uncertainty is critical to the successful delivery of Crossrail.”


“… the types of organizations that we want to work with are those organizations that can demonstrate, that on a program the size and scale of Crossrail, that they can actually manage and lead their risk process through every phase of the program through to successful completion.”

Andrew Wolstenholme, CEO of Crossrail Ltd


Why Active Risk Manager?

“Very early on we realized that we needed a consistent approach to managing risk across the program. A key part of getting that consistent approach was to implement a common risk management system. We went through a competitive procurement process and we selected ARM. We have now implemented that within our own organization and also we are implementing it across our supply chain to our major tier one contracting organizations… we have mandated that they adopt our risk management process and use our risk management system so that we get assurance that they understand what their risks are and are working hard to mitigate them.”


“ARM has been able to drive consistency across this enormous program.”

 Rob Halstead, Head of Risk Management, Crossrail Ltd

Crossrail Case Study

Read how ARM is being used on Europe's largest infrastructure project...

Crossrail Case Study Video

Crossrail Case Study Video

Watch an overview of Risk Management at Crossrail to see how ARM is being used on the project and with the supply chain.