As the memory of the 2012 Olympics fades, the focus in the Engineering and Construction sector has moved to next mega capital project that will transform London, Crossrail. This £14.5 billion program which is driving 42 km of tunnels under the heart of the city will carry 200 million passengers each year and increase London’s transport capacity by 10% when it opens in 2018-19.

Crossrail has collected much press coverage recently including the cover story of the latest issue of CIR (Continuity Insurance & Risk) Magazine. The project appeals to the child in all of us with its ‘boys toys on steroids’ tunnelling machinery (the first tunnelling machine has been named Phyllis for some reason) and its gigantic construction sites creating city block-sized holes in several central London locations.


This program requires some serious risk management!


And at Crossrail risk management is supported from the CEO down. In recognition of their success to date, Crossrail has been shortlisted in the Major Capital Project and Risk Management Team of the Year categories at the CIR 2012 Risk Awards. Winners are announced on November 14th. We wish Crossrail, and other shortlisted Active Risk Customers including Network Rail and Skanska, every success.


To see how lessons learned by Crossrail could be applied on your own project, read their case study and watch a video presentation from Rob Halstead, Head of Risk Management at Crossrail.

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  1. pablo says:


    I am studying at uni and I am very interested on how the Crossrail project is manage in terms of risk.