The Sword Active Risk Deal Registration Program is designed for risk consultants through to value added resellers and solution providers. This includes both existing Partners of Sword Active Risk, but also those with a less formal relationship.


What is Deal Registration?


Deal registration is a program that Sword Active Risk offers to individuals or organisations, which rewards them for bringing new business opportunities to Sword Active Risk’s attention. The individual or organisation would inform Sword Active Risk about a lead, and in return will be given a percentage of the licence fee, if the opportunity moves to closure. The percentage of the licence fee given to the referring partner is somewhere between 10-15% (dependent on whether the referrer has a formal ongoing relationship).


Once a lead is registered with Sword Active Risk, the partner manager will review whether the Lead is a current Opportunity within the internal CRM. Deal Registration is only available when an opportunity is not already registered by another Partner or Direct Sale Team i.e. an existing open opportunity must not already exist, or currently being worked on by Sword Active Risk sales team, in order for the Deal Registration to be valid. Registration of a qualified new deal is completed in full by submitting an online registration form at www.SwordActive Each deal must represent a single opportunity with a single end-user. A dedicated sales representative will then work on the Opportunity.