Innovative risk management framework underpinned by ARM solution improves employee and rail safety and delivers audit efficiencies


Active Risk has announced that Downer has implemented Active Risk Manager to manage safety and risk for all of its freight and passenger rail projects. Downer is a leading provider of services to customers in markets including Transportation, Utilities, Communications, Mining, Rail and Engineering, Construction and Maintenance. Downer’s Rail division is using Active Risk Manager as part of its safety, health, risk, environment and quality (SHREQ) framework to improve the management of all risks that impact rail safety performance. Downer’s SHREQ approach applies contemporary risk management strategies to the identification of safety risks that are connected to key business operations and functions.


Active Risk Manager (ARM) provides a single enterprise system to manage data across the business: work health and safety; rail safety assurance; quality issues; training and professional development; environment and procurement and supply chain risks. National Rail Safety Risk Registers are also recorded in the ARM solution.


Jason Breton, General Manager, Risk & Regulatory Affairs at Downer, said: "We have developed the first Australian ‘live’ risk register that operates across disciplines, is enterprise-wide and national. Our framework encompasses the areas of safety, health, environment and quality (SHREQ) to manage risk. Active Risk Manager underpins our approach and provides real-time data for holistic, cross-discipline and enterprise wide risk management.


"The safety of Downer people, the community and the environment are at the core of our activities and operations. While safety risk management is increased – we had a reduction of injury rates over the last 18 months since using the SHREQ framework and seen improvements of 50% on our Safety Interface Agreement Program – importantly risk management is also greatly increased across the business."


With the central ARM platform connected across the disciplines, Downer is able to track and manage all risks across the business. Traditional areas of work health and safety are identified, assessed, recorded and monitored. Project risks are also identified and recorded, both during the tender phase and during negotiations of new contracts.


With the new approach, safety risks once held in ‘silos’ across Downer’s national rail facilities, are exposed via the ARM platform as they are linked across projects, functions and departments.


Efficiencies have been achieved through the new auditing processes, with less people required to conduct the audits as a result of the ‘joined up data’ provided using the cross-discipline approach. ARM’s ease of use enables staff in projects and on site to use the system to identify and manage risks quickly and easily.


Keith Ricketts, VP of Marketing at Sword Active Risk, said: "For the Rail industry safety assurance underpins all infrastructure work, whether new projects or ongoing maintenance. Having a rigorous approach to risk management ensures that safety and quality measures are recorded and acted upon within the most stringent parameters. Downer’s holistic cross discipline approach provides a truly robust, watertight model that ensures risks are managed and mitigated throughout rail through-life-support services. protecting employees and customers with the highest levels of safety."