With the Sword Active Risk Sydney conference taking place last month our series of global conferences is over for another year. We are already planning for next year, and in so doing, I got thinking about the feedback we had from our customer survey and the state of the risk industry in general. Without doubt risk management and its alter-ego, opportunity management, are gaining profile within the broader business community.


As businesses become more global and are more susceptible to a much wider range of risks including from within the supply chain, so management boards are looking to risk management to help with business planning.


However, it needs to be more than just a simple box-ticking exercise, or heaven forbid, reliant on spreadsheets. Achieving Risk Maturity, where there is an embedded risk culture within the organization is a journey. In our latest Infographic we have identified the five steps to achieving a risk embedded culture. You can see where your organization fits and the steps still to go. Download the infographic here.


One of the keys to rolling out risk and opportunity management successfully is getting buy-in and engagement from risk owners within the business. This can be significantly helped by having a tool that is easy and intuitive to use, yet provides fully functionality and access to centralized risk registers, so that all information is shared and available in real-time. For a quick look at just how easy ARM Risk Express is to use watch the video below.


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