In our last blog we shared Ten Top Tips on using an online presence and social media as part of a risk management strategy. Here are some great examples from real projects to give you inspiration.
The following real world project examples show ways to use Social Media to mitigate reputational risks; attract employees to minimize resourcing problems; increase the likelihood of the project going ahead after the consultation phase; and to help generate new business opportunities.
An effective online presence for a project and proactive use of social media is increasingly being used to:

  • Paint the vision and benefits of the project to local communities
  • Show proof of a comprehensive consultation phase
  • Share information, images, video, plans and consultation documents with stakeholders
  • Provide transparency of the business opportunities the project provides for businesses of all sizes – including local suppliers and SMEs
  • Act as a showcase to help businesses win other projects
  • Attract employees
  • Collect ideas and gain early warning of potential issues

Here are some great real world project examples:
Mersey Gateway Bridge
This project is to build a new bridge over the River Mersey in the North of England. The preferred bidder for the project was announced in June 2013.

  • The project uses Pinterest to share photos and video. This helps show what the finished bridge will look like and the benefits it will provide to the local community.
  • Twitter is used to publicize project milestone and to invite the local community to consultation events – see @merseygateway for examples
    BAM Ferrovial Kier (JV working on Crossrail)
    This consortium has been awarded 3 major projects as part of the £14.5b Crossrail initiative to build a new rail line across and under London.

  • The consortium uses Linkedin to showcase project progress, highlight employees who have won awards and to advertise key job vacancies
  • The consortium also has its own web presence, Teambfk, which is in addition to the web sites of the organizations which make up the consortium. The site focuses on the Crossrail project but also showcases previous project successes
    This is currently the largest infrastructure project in Europe and will be complete in 2018/19:

  • Any major project in the center of one of the world’s leading cities is going to cause disruption. Crossrail is building and refurbishing several railway stations in central London as part of the project. These often appear to citizens as city blocks hidden behind fencing for several years. Crossrail uses its web site and YouTube videos to remind people about the vision and progress towards completion.
  • Crossrail is using its web site to publicize business opportunities, explain its procurement process and also highlight the benefits the project is bringing to London and UK businesses.
    Do you have great examples to share of how projects are using the web and social media as part of a risk mitigation strategy?

    Ten Tips on Social Media in Projects

    Download a pdf version of the Top 10 Tips on using Social Media as part of a Risk Management strategy.

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