John Frain, VP of Customer Services & Support at Sword Active Risk


Since taking over Support a year ago my focus has been to review how our development teams and support services work together to ensure we operate as a customer focused organization. By this I mean an organization that actively listens and supports customers and has processes in place to feedback user suggestions to improve service and product development.


I was able to meet many of you at last year’s Global Conference series, during which time I collected a lot of useful feedback and insights about our product and our customer services.


It was a great opportunity to really understand not just what we were doing well, but also the areas where you felt we could improve, as well as provide a vehicle for you to provide product feedback that could contribute to future development. As a result, we are now implementing some new corporate initiatives to address the key areas highlighted to improve your customer experience.


We are shortly going to introduce our new customer portal, which is easier to use for logging and tracking support requests and provides access to our knowledgebase and product documentation and guides. Phase one of the new portal will be the springboard to make our feedback processes easier and product information more accessible.


I will be sharing more about the new portal, future developments and our customer focus at the next Global Customer Conference in London. If you haven’t already registered your place, why not join us to hear more and share your views? To sign up online click here.

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