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  • Using Strategic Risk Management to Improve Company Decision-Making and Performance Brenda L. Boultwood, Former SVP, CRO, Constellation Energy , June 2012, World Risk Day

    Opportunistic risk taking leads to company growth, but can also create variability in returns. The presentation will review an approach and various risk management techniques that can result in improved decision-making and performance, and ultimately determine whether a company thrives, survives or fails in challenging market circumstances.

  • Effectively Integrating Practical Risk Assessments into Organizations’ Strategic Decision Making Process Paula Gold-Williams, CFO, CPS Energy , June 2012, World Risk Day

    Business models, from both tactical and theoretical dimensions, are critical tools for any organization. This is especially true for broad-spectrum risk models. The simultaneous challenge and value driver involves how to integrate risk models fluidly in our day-to-day decision making. This session will share how a large, publically-owned company has worked to effectively integrate practical risk assessments into its enterprise strategic decisions, while adding value and creativity within established timelines.

  • Risk Management in the Australian Coal Industry in 2012 – John Hempenstall, CRO, Centennial Coal , June 2012, World Risk Day

    The Australian mining industry was recently subjected to the uncertainties of the global financial crisis and is currently affected by the European banking system’s uncertainty. At the same time, the Australian health and safety regulatory framework in being updated. Federal Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations are replacing state based legislation across Australia as part of a harmonisation process. This makes for a challenging time in which to manage risk.

  • PwC Mine 2011 PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2011

    PwC’s eighth annual review of global trends in the mining industry.  The review provides a comprehensive analysis of the financial performance and position of the global mining industry as represented by the Top 40 mining companies by market capitalization.

  • Oil and Gas Reality Check 2012 Deloitte, 2012

    A story of the important and unfolding trends in Oil & Gas, including the conventional and unconventional natural gas revolution, ultra-deep exploration, the globalization of the consuming NOCs, and the economic realities that energy independent countries will face.