Strategic Thought Inc. announces a new partnership with Kallman Consulting Services.


Strategic Thought Inc is pleased to announce a new partnership with Professor James Kallman, Ph.D, ARM, and his company KCS.


Strategic Thought had been following Professor Kallman’s work for some time before being introduced to him professionally by one of our new customers, Enbridge Gas. Enbridge had brought him in to advise them through the analysis, definition, and implementation phases of a new enterprise risk management (ERM) process for the business.


Through extremely productive consultation and co-operation, Professor Kallman has helped us to identify key developments to our solution that are now allowing us to deliver a true ERM-supporting application, rather than merely offering a vision of how software products should provide ERM in the future.


As a result of the successful relationship that was built on at Enbridge, Strategic Thought Inc and Professor Kallman began working on a quickstart ERM framework that could provide a comprehensive ERM solution in a quick, practical, and cost effective way for any size of organization. The ERM Quickstart program, delivered by Strategic Thought and KCS, allows companies to start small and quickly generate measurable results to prove the business value of ERM before deploying across the entire organization. It combines the required consulting services, along with the enabling information system, that will help you define, develop, and deploy a very effective ERM process and framework in a pilot or proof-of-concept fashion.


The major advantages of this are:

  • Provides the ability for Risk Management Executives to prove the value of ERM before committing to a larger enterprise deployment
  • Provides a minimal upfront investment to get started in ERM
  • Delivers a FULL ERM solution which includes the creation of the ERM process and the information system that will enable and support that process

Strategic Thought and KCS believe that both organizations will benefit from each others knowledge, expertise and market position, and look forward to delivering cost-effective and efficient value-generating ERM to the industry sectors that we serve.


Professor Kallman spent over 12 years as an insurance agency owner before taking his in-depth business experience to help him concentrate on the academic development of risk management. He now teaches, advises, writes, and works as an instructor for RIMS.