As pioneers in the theory and practice of Enterprise Risk Management, the Active Risk team has produced a series of thought provoking white papers addressing key business issues. Download these resources to build your knowledge on the hot risk management topics and to use to drive business value in the risk management projects in your own organization.


Does Your Organization Have a Disconnected Approach to Risk?

Risk management, governance and compliance requirements have become increasingly complex and intrusive. An organization with a global reach can face thousands of different risk and compliance rules and regulations across its international operations. Typical responses have seen multiple initiatives and systems implemented across the business. This means management does not… Read More

What Makes a Great Risk Manager? Survey Report

The Risk Management profession is still relatively new and the challenges faced continue to evolve. Organizations need top quality Risk Professionals with the skills appropriate to match current business objectives and the risk maturity of the organization. Active Risk’s independent research into the personality traits and skills of today’s Risk… Read More

An Effective Solution to Help You Meet Your Anti-Bribery Responsibilities

There is increasing legislation around the world which seeks to safeguard national business integrity and reputation by outlawing bribery and corrupt practices. Organizations can easily see their reputation destroyed, share price fall and senior management under media and regulatory scrutiny if bribery is found either within the organization or it’s… Read More