Avoid the risk surprises that can impact your strategy, reputation and performance.


ARM Risk Connectivity enables you to go beyond static ‘Top Ten Risks’ lists to identify the risks and connections which really threaten your business.  Using unique sophisticated algorithms to analyze and visualize your risk data, ARM Risk Connectivity exposes the ‘Black Swans’ and highly connected risks that often don’t make it onto the corporate radar, yet can cause the greatest damage.



ARM Risk Connectivity enables you to:

  • Go beyond static Top Ten Risk List reports
  • Present risks to senior management in a highly visual way to aid understanding
  • Focus on highly connected risks to minimize the domino effect
  • Identify duplicate risks across the business & supply chain so you only need to mitigate once
  • Identify Black Swans – high impact/low probability risks
  • See risk clusters so a shared treatment plan can be developed to mitigate risks cost effectively
  • Drill down into the underlying risk, control and treatment details to ensure your plans are working


How does ARM Risk Connectivity work?

ARM Risk Connectivity uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze and visualize the risk information held in the corporate ARM risk register. It adds a third dimension of ‘connectedness’ to risks, beyond the usual probability and impact scoring.


No software tool can replace management experience and insight, however ARM Risk Connectivity uniquely highlights risk connections and consequences in a way that has not been possible before.  ARM Risk Connectivity was developed by Active Risk in conjunction with academics working with the UK Universities of Bath and Bristol.


Hear about the strategic importance of identifying risk connections from experts:
Neil Allan – Founder and Fellow, University of Bristol Systems Centre and John Summers – Independent Risk Consultant/Former Chief Risk Advisor, Rio Tinto.


ARM Risk Connectivity makes identifying and acting on strategic risks simple, valuable and personal.

  • Simple – risks are presented visually with instant drill down to the detail
  • Valuable – it’s easy to see the risks with biggest impact on reputation, strategy and performance
  • Personal – filter the data to zero in on the risks that are important to each area of the business