Can you answer the key risk questions being asked by your Management Team?


ARM Risk Performance Manager (RPM) provides the business intelligence platform to make your risk and opportunity information come alive.


ARM RPM provides the fastest way to deliver the risk information needed for strategic decision making. Create dashboards, tables, charts and matrices using information from your corporate ARM risk register quickly and easily without the need for specialized IT or report writing assistance. With access to proven report templates, as well as connecting you to an online community of risk professionals to share knowledge and exchange templates, RPM represents the fastest way to give your organization the intelligence it needs to make the right strategic decisions.



With ARM RPM you can:

  • Quickly and easily develop reports without the help from the IT department or Report Developer resources
  • Make use of inbuilt templates, customizable with simple drag and drop functionality
  • Protect access to sensitive information through ARM’s security and audit features
  • Participate in the ARM RPM user community and share useful report designs between organizations
  • Save days collating multiple spreadsheets from around your organization and turning this data into reports

ARM Risk Performance Manager makes things simple, valuable and personal.

  • Simple – you don’t need scarce IT development resources to produce visually appealing reports
  • Valuable – unlock the data in your risk register to add value to strategic decision making
  • Personal – it’s easy to tailor reports and dashboards for specific meetings, departments and job roles – and to answer follow-on questions quickly