How can you keep the simplicity of a spreadsheet approach to risk management without the downsides?


ARM Unplugged provides a familiar spreadsheet-style way to capture risk and opportunity information. This is combined with simple two-way data synchronization to and from your corporate ARM risk system, maintaining data integrity and delivering the complete view of risk exposure across the business. Unplugged is designed for use offline – at a meeting, on the road, or when you are running a workshop at a remote location. Its ease of use will help drive adoption of a common risk process to remove the risk silos that kept risk information fragmented. It will help your business take smarter, better informed risks.



ARM Unplugged features enable you to work the way you want, as productively as possible:

  • Capture risk and opportunity information via easy to use screens
  • Customize screen design on the fly and hide irrelevant data
  • One-click scoring of risks based on the corporate scoring scheme
  • Scratch pad for fast risk and opportunity note taking
  • Voice recorder to collect comments and reminders
  • Count down and count up clocks to ensure you use your time wisely
  • Snapshot reporting
  • Instant analysis of what-if scenarios
  • Graphical display of risks & opportunities including histograms & pie charts


ARM Unplugged makes risk and opportunity capture simple, valuable and personal.

  • Simple – spreadsheet-style look and feel for rapid risk and opportunity capture
  • Valuable – maintains the integrity of your corporate risk register so management see the complete picture
  • Personal – work on risk data offline via customized screens and synchronize to the corporate ARM risk database when you’re ready