At the Customer Conference we talked a lot about Customer Value. Nick Scully outlined how we are looking to provide more customer value, by listening to you, taking your suggestions, focusing on the quality of our people and product, not over promising, but aiming to over deliver. With all of this in mind our parent, Sword Group, is supporting us with our investment in the expansion of our product development area.


Talking with many of you during the three events we’ve held so far (Doha, Washington DC and London, with Sydney still to come in September), it struck me that as Risk Managers, we should all be thinking about how we provide customer value.


Operational risk management is now a well-respected discipline, critical to the safe and productive running of many of our largest and most successful organizations. Indeed good risk management is a keystone to how many of today’s world-class companies support their success. As risk managers we are used to liaising with risk owners in different parts of the business, to support them in identifying and managing their risk.


We need to be evangelists for risk, if we can spread the word far enough, we not only help the business to better manage risk and therefore become more successful, but we also make our own lives easier. The relentless march of technology is our friend here, with our new ARM Risk Express, designed for business users that need a light touch, if they can use a tablet, they can use Risk Express. Training is kept to a minimum, with a product that is truly intuitive to use. By providing our business users with a better, easier interface, we can at last win over those previously resistant to change, and maybe banish those pesky spreadsheets too.

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