Risk-based thinking to make its debut in ISO9001:2015


At last risk management is starting to go mainstream, and about time too you may be thinking. Risk and its counterpart opportunity go hand and hand, and should be the mainstay of most businesses. However, outside of certain industries that are often highly regulated, few talk explicitly about risk management. Due out later this year, with ISO9001:2015 we are seeing an evolution of the approach to the international quality standard which is soon to be underpinned by ‘risk-based thinking’.


This brings awareness of risk to a whole new audience. It ensures that risk is no longer treated as a separate activity, instead it is and incorporated within processes and aligned to the needs of the business. ISO9001:2015 is adopting a new common format that is being introduced across all ISO standards, ensuring that standards are consistent, easier to understand, and simpler to integrate.


All of this will have a knock on effect for any organization operating formal risk management – either at project or enterprise level. The good news is that ARM 7 has many new features that enable just this sort of collaboration and joined up thinking:

  • Integrated audit function provides a single data store to manage all audits, supporting better management information and governance of the audit process
  • Powerful report sharing facilities include a new configurable report launcher that simplifies and personalizes access to reports where multiple user communities use different report sets
  • Extended range of supported operating systems ensuring that ARM is compatible with all major business systems, with enhanced performance, the latest security developments, and the best support from our team of experts.


So start preparing – while most Risk Managers will be on nodding terms with the Quality team, that relationship is about to become much more important. If they don’t already, your respective systems, policies and procedures need to start integrating fully.

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