Today Active Risk launched our brand new website. We are all very excited about it. Not only because it represents a new face for our company, but also because we believe it sets a new discussion in the world of Risk Management.


I have blogged about this previously. It seems that since inception, the risk management industry has spent all of its time and focus on making risk out to be something we should fear, something to be controlled, and something organizations should avoid. An entire industry, GRC, or Governance, Risk and Compliance arose just to give companies more procedures, policies and ways to audit and control compliance risks. IT security came along and focused on the computers, networks and infrastructure as the place to control risks. Health and Safety focused on the people and processes within a business in an effort to ensure everyone was safe at work. But no one was really looking at the enterprise, or really looking at risk from what it gave to an organization…..


Risk Drives Opportunity!


Hows that then?


Well think about it. Business is about taking risks. That’s how entrepreneurs start companies, investment firms invest in new ideas, and large enterprise makes new products, they take risks. Risk did not start out as something to be avoided, rather it started as a core component of successful enterprise. Risk is a business accelerator, a strategy driver and an opportunity generator, and we should treat it that way.


Our website is full of content which reflects how we see the world, and how we believe senior executive and the board sees the world. People aren’t looking for more controls, they aren’t looking for more compliance. They tried that, and it didn’t work. What risk management needs is a fresh approach. Risk Management needs to be re-set back to its core value as a business driver.


At Active Risk, we want our customer to Embrace Risk, to Build Business Value. We think that if you approach risk from the enterprise, then risk management can help you achieve your goals, can inform your strategy and can make your organization more competitive, more efficient and just plain better!


I encourage you to take a look at our new site, and please let me know what you think. Over the next number of months we will be introducing a new way of looking at and interacting with risk. One focused on the positives Enterprise Risk Management can bring to your organizations. As always, thanks to our great customers for their support.


Best Regards,
LorenĀ Padelford

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