I want organizations to take more risk! That may sound odd coming from someone who provides risk management solutions, but the reality of business is that if you aren’t taking risks, you’re losing ground to your competition.


Competitive advantage is about your organizations ability to operate more efficiently, do more with less, and move into areas where you see the potential for growth.


That third point is all about taking more risks, but not just any risks, risks that are well understood and manageable. For a business to succeed in today’s markets you have to take chances, you have to push your boundaries. Your organization creates value based on your ability to find and exploit opportunities better than your competition. Therefore, effective risk management needs to be about enabling your company or organization to take more risks, not less.


The risk management conversation should be about helping your company succeed, not about how many checklists you completed, or audits you passed.


Risk-taking drives success….is it driving yours?

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