Why Risk Management?

The Industry's Most Comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management Solution

Project Risk Management

Predictable Project Outcomes

With Active Risk Project Risk Management solutions, your business gains an enterprise-wide view of risks and opportunities on every project. Project managers are empowered to avoid potential pitfalls while project executives can quickly make informed decisions to ensure success across multiple projects and clients.

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Operational Risk Management

Streamlining Business Performance

Active Risk’s Operational Risk Management solutions help drive business performance by allowing organizations to take more risk and ensure the effective execution of the organization’s strategy. By considering risk during the strategic planning process, every functional department can align resources to ensure alignment and operational success.

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Governance & Compliance

Confidence in Your Compliance

Active Risk’s Governance & Compliance (GRC) solutions provide the visibility, control and peace of mind around the myriad of policies and regulations faced by your business. By tapping into corporate governance, compliance management, IT security, internal audit and ethics solutions that share a single database, your company has an easily accessible, real-time, holistic view of the enterprise and its GRC initiatives.

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Opportunity Management

Turning Risk into Opportunity

Properly managing risk will create opportunities for your business. With our Opportunity Management solutions, executives have a centralized source of information that can reveal and unlock new opportunities to create maximum benefit for the company. Whether it’s cost savings, process improvement ideas or new products, managing the upside of risk creates value for every organization.

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