governance complianceWhen it comes to all Governance and Compliance (GRC) issues, executives and risk managers must have total confidence that their organization is in compliance with all of the relevant policies and regulations. A practical, risk-based approach to compliance will help save time and money, while keeping your organization out of the news, protecting your reputation.


Active Risk Manager (ARM) is the first and only solution that can collect all risk data from anywhere in an organization, compiling it into one centralized system. ARM is the system of record for all risk-related information within an organization, putting high quality, real-time governance and compliance data at the fingertips of executives and risk managers – without reliance on a patchwork of systems or spreadsheets. If a risk is identified, response plans and fallbacks can be instantly accessible to all through ARM, the enterprise-wide, web-based system.


Benefits of using Active Risk Manager (ARM) for GRC include:

  • No more time lags with real-time data If a risk or threat is identified resulting from failed processes, it is instantly visible and so additional controls can be implemented. There is no time lag between risk identification and when leadership is aware of it.
  • Proof of compliance in dashboards and reports ARM provides a consistent and auditable process, replacing inconsistent siloed systems and spreadsheets. Dashboards give a comprehensive view of all governance, risk and compliance information and reports can be generated at the click of a mouse.


Governance & Compliance (GRC) encompasses a broad range of risk management processes, including:

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