Processes for compliance to statutory regulations and industry standards are often managed in many different parts of the business (legal counsel, HR, etc.) and across different geographic locations and subsidiaries. This disparate approach to compliance management provides little information as to where or how well compliance is achieved and requires a high level of oversight.


With increasing impacts and fines for compliance breaches, compliance management is at the forefront of many organization’s risk management strategies. The solution is to integrate an automated process that drives a standard approach to managing compliance across your business, bringing with it the benefits of transparency, efficiency and a higher level of confidence in the legality of the business.


Unify Your Compliance Management with ARM

Active Risk Manager (ARM) brings together all the major components required to ensure a proven and trusted solution to compliance management by providing a risk-based approach to compliance.  ARM provides an automated compliance platform that will:


  • Define risk requirements and assess non-compliance against those risks
  • Highlight any areas of non-compliance that could impact business objectives
  • Track the current state of compliance in real time
  • Provide a single view of compliance across your group
  • Reduce management overhead and cost
  • Provide a defensible audit process in case of incident investigation


With ARM, organizations can have confidence that legal obligations are not only being managed in a way that provides transparency and confidence, but is also optimized from a risk perspective.