Mistakenly, many organizations believe that governance is about compliance.  However, compliance without connection to business performance and economic appraisal methods is uncontrollable, unsustainable and non-competitive.


Organizations need better knowledge and confidence in how management information is collected, assessed, aggregated and reported to make well-informed decisions and, more critically, be able to defend those decisions.  In an effort to improve the quality and integrity of information available, organizations must eliminate stand-alone spreadsheet use within the primary management information flows within the business.


Active Risk Manager (ARM) provides a structured framework for the management of corporate governance programs, helping to ensure compliance with the stock exchange, financial regulatory principles and best practices


ARM supports policy management and transparent communication and provides the framework to link policies to risk, control and incident management frameworks to ensure an integrated, efficient and centralized process is operationalized.


ARM provides a single method for executives to achieve the confidence that both their current and future business performance is being protected by a proven, demonstrable best governance practice.


The tight integration of ARM within the core governance processes of the business helps build confidence in the sustainability of the business and the levels of potential variability in business strategy and objectives.