Business development drives the growth of your organization.  Risk management can help effectively manage the weaknesses and threats to achieving your objectives, as well as recognizing and capitalizing upon opportunities to help the business grow and develop.


ARM helps you win more profitable business by building up a knowledge base of successful (and un-successful) bids and projects across the organization. This information helps to spotlight the right business to go after. It will also make it easier to produce accurate bids on time and to mitigate the risks of the new business you win.


  • ARM give you a competitive edge and proves you are serious about risk management in your bids and proposals. It will show how you will minimize the risks to on-budget, on-time delivery
  • Using ARM will let you offer more contract options, look at ways of sharing risk and reward with the customer and make estimates more accurate
  • ARM provides a way to record and act on all types of opportunities identified by employees. For example, opportunities for innovation, cost saving and efficiency can be collected, scored and highlighted to management for immediate action


With ARM, you’ll help drive the growth of your organization, effectively manage the weaknesses and threats and capitalize on new opportunities.