Many countries have a legal requirement for employers to guarantee the health and safety of workers. This means that employers must identify and assess potential risks to others in the workplace. An Enterprise Risk Management system helps ensure that risks and hazards are identified/reported on an on-going basis and measures are taken to reduce exposure.


Active Risk Manager (ARM) brings Health, Safety & Environmental risk into a common system and collects and holds information on all types of incidents, accidents and near misses, linking these to related risks, creating a comprehensive view across single projects or programs in your organization.


  • ARM enables you to form appropriate and cost-effective mitigation strategies and tactics like increased insurance and improved workplace training
  • ARM Health and Safety works together with other critical related risk areas such as Project, Operational and Asset risks
  • ARM can be used to share best practices across the business so that good ideas and proven activities are available and benefit the organization as a whole
  • ARM delivers the holistic picture of the risk situation across the whole business and can show why decisions were taken with a full audit trail and related documentation


With ARM, you’ll easily comply with regulations and limit the exposure to risk for both the organization and your employees.