The incident management process, one component of an overall risk management strategy, involves the collection, classification and use of incident data to protect people and systems from harm.


Active Risk Manager (ARM) Incident Management provides comprehensive capabilities for documenting, reporting and investigating all types of incidents, from workplace accidents and injuries to environmental breaches, through to quality issues and IT security violations and system downtime.


  • ARM Incident Management provides a cost-effective way to involve all employees and relevant supply chain partners to ensure all incidents can be accurately and consistently logged and that standardized processes are being followed
  • ARM collects incidents and all related information such as investigations, responses and regulatory into a single system reducing the administrative burden
  • ARM Incident Management uniquely brings incident data together with risk and opportunity information, enabling management to see the overall picture, identify where controls need tightening and provide a growing knowledge base of successful controls, fallbacks and actions
  • ARM enables management to set targets for incident reduction and to monitor progress against these goals


With ARM, you’ll have visibility and access to incidents and risks across the enterprise.