Strategic risk management is focused on the upside of risk.  By viewing and assessing risk strategically, you can potentially identify situations where risk can be a competitive advantage, instead of only a threat to the strategic plan.  How do you turn a risk into an opportunity?  How do you optimize risk rather than just mitigate or avoid it?


Gain Visibility with Strategic Risk Management

Active Risk Manager (ARM) enables strategic risk management by allowing organizations to gain a complete view of risks across the organization.  With ARM, risk managers are better equipped to know what is going on elsewhere in the company and can better identify how to influence risk practices.


  • ARM provides increased visibility across the organization and the elimination of information silos
  • ARM collects all risk data and makes it instantly available through executive dashboards, alerts and reports for improved decision making with comprehensive data
  • Active Risk reduces the complexity of risk management by using a six-step approach that drives value across the organization: Risk Identification, Risk Analysis, Risk Control, Risk Monitoring, Process Improvement and Reporting
  • ARM is readily adopted across the organization with a friendly interface and doesn’t require users to learn a new system


With ARM, you’ll have a comprehensive view of risks and opportunities across your organization, enabling improved strategic risk management.