Over the last decade, the globalization of business has made it even more important for organizations to reassess how they manage risk, especially supply chain risk. With rapid change in today’s international business environment contributing to increased risk exposure across all operational functions, organizations must consider a more comprehensive supply chain risk management program.


See Your Entire Supply Chain with ARM

Effective Supply Chain Risk Management must go beyond traditionally insured risks.  Active Risk Manager (ARM) gives you a complete picture of supply chain risk and how those risks are interconnected – including key suppliers and points of potential supply chain failure.


  • ARM centrally stores your plans to mitigate these risks through strategies such as alternative and dual sourcing, in-house production, building alternative facilities – even financial assistance or purchase of vital suppliers
  • ARM’s breadth of business function coverage means that linkages between related areas such as Business Continuity and reputational risk can be made
  • ARM provides the information needed to utilize the growing option of insuring against supply chain risk
  • ARM can also identify emerging risks that could affect the supply chain such as geopolitical problems that might, for example, take out a number of suppliers located in the same region


With ARM, you will gain a complete picture of your supply chain risk, decreasing risk exposure and potential supply chain failure.