Business process improvement seeks to ensure your organization runs smoothly and profitably.  Initiatives such as Six Sigma, LEAN, TQM and ISO 9001 define, measure, analyze, improve and control processes. However, process change involves opportunity and risk.  If a process is changed, what are the potential positive and negative impacts?  How do you manage a process change so the positive outcomes outweigh the negative ones?  Enterprise Risk Management helps organizations to answer these questions.


  • ARM brings your business processes and information within a single enterprise-wide risk management system
  • ARM makes clear the importance of attaining BPI targets and shows the linkage between BPI and the risks to the business achieving its overall plans and performance goals
  • ARM provides proactive monitoring and management against thresholds. Deviations from expected levels are linked to related risks and so impacts can be seen and action taken
  • ARM can even be used to manage the risk process itself. ARM reports highlight such things as ‘risk staleness’ and the percentage completeness of the risk data that has been entered throughout the organization so that you can be sure decisions are being made on up to date information


With ARM, you will uncover any unknowns before executing on your business process improvement initiatives and keep your organization running smoothly and profitably.