Today more than ever, managing costs for increased profitability is critical to competitive organizations.  Across the entire company, managers are challenged to do more with less, executives are challenged to make financial targets and shareholders expect more value from their investments.


With Active Risk Manager, you will have visibility into the potential risks and rewards the organization faces so you can make confident decisions around cost saving initiatives.


  • ARM provides early insight to risks across the business so action can be taken to keep costs under control
  • ARM highlights the risks in projects and programs when there is still time to take action to beat deadlines, earn bonuses and eliminate penalties
  • ARM is the system of record for all risk and opportunity information replacing numerous in-house databases, spread sheets and systems
  • ARM customers report that the increased efficiency from using a single, easy to use system, which provides information in formats ready to present to senior management, delivers savings by radically reducing administrative effort


With ARM, you will have visibility and access to all the risk data you need to make confident, informed decisions on organizational cost savings.