Moving into new markets brings both opportunity and risk to your organization.  Calculating those risks – market size, growth, trends, competition, distribution – in addition to the upside of the opportunity – can be a challenge to effectively collect and share across the organization.


Active Risk Manager (ARM) enables you to record and assess all types of risks and opportunities for each market being considered.  ARM provides a data-driven way to assess both the potential upside and downside of entering new markets and geographies and delivers board-ready information in easy-to-action formats to help strategic market evaluation.


  • ARM scores risks on both qualitative and quantitative measures
  • ARM gives a way to show why investment decisions were taken
  • ARM identifies emerging risks and highlights risk connection
  • ARM can also be used to collect and score opportunity data from frontline employees that will give the first indications of which markets to investigate


With ARM, you can confidently assess and move into new markets to drive growth and profitability for your organization.