New product development has become increasingly complex in today’s fast-moving business environments.  The levels of investment, competition and speed-to-market requires a higher level of management and collaboration across teams than ever before.


Active Risk Manager (ARM) enables you to better address the business issues that could prevent the success of a new product launch.  ARM records, scores and assesses all the risks and opportunities related to new product development and launches and also helps to improve the quality of new product development processes.


  • ARM provides a data-driven way to assess both the potential upside and downside of each new product
  • Risks can be scored on qualitative and quantitative measures so the best-informed strategic decisions can be made
  • ARM builds up a knowledge base of previous product launches so that best practices can be shared and lessons learned
  • Controls, mitigation strategies and fallback plans can be identified and linked to the risks in ARM to give you the best possible chance for success
  • ARM collects, scores and shares new opportunity data from frontline employees


With ARM, you gain valuable insights into market demand, highlight areas for existing product innovation and manage the risks associated with new product development.