project risk managementThe goal of Project Risk Management is to reduce surprises. An effective Project Risk Management solution enables project managers to identify and mitigate the disruptions that could result in missed schedules or cost overruns.


Over the last decade, Active Risk Manager (ARM) has been proven in some of the world’s most extensive and complex projects. Demanding organizations such as NASA and Lockheed Martin turn to Active Risk for their Project Risk Management needs because they know that ARM provides the most effective way to proactively manage risk on their most critical projects.


Benefits of using Active Risk Manager (ARM) for Project Risk Management include:


  • Users stay ahead of the risks with real-time data
    ARM collects all risk data at the point at which it is encountered – whether on a project, program, or at a strategic level – and makes it instantly available through executive dashboards and reports. This eliminates the time lag associated with manual consolidation of risk reports and enables quicker, more proactive project management.


  • Actionable data is at project managers’ fingertips via dashboards and reports
    ARM provides a consistent and reliable process that replaces inconsistent siloed systems and spreadsheets. ARM users report that the administration savings and efficiencies from bringing automation to the production of risk reports and management presentations are substantial – even before project improvements are considered.

ARM for Project Risk Management

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