Moving from reactive project management to proactive performance.


Reporting on the status of a project is often accomplished by sharing up to date information on the project cost and the schedule. The problem is that is just like looking in the rearview mirror of your car. Where you are compared to budget and your baseline schedule say very little of what is to come and without communicating the risks, you are getting an incomplete picture. The trouble is, risks and issues occur everywhere on a project – from the subcontractor installing stainless steel screws to the client who is changing the scope without considering the impact. How do you provide a truly accurate picture of your project’s real progress? With Active Risk Manager (ARM).


ARM delivers the missing component to a project’s progress measurement – the future. By collecting all of the risks and opportunities associated with your project, you can communicate the potential concerns that could derail your project’s performance propelling you from reactive to proactive. ARM provides a complete picture of your project’s performance in simple, easy-to-use displays that help you avoid costly surprise.  Top features of ARM’s progress management include:


  • ARM Apps module which delivers risk management portals to your favorite project/program management system including Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle Project Management, SAP Project Management, Deltek PM Compass and many others.
  • Automated “Top Risk List” reports that can be scheduled for production along with your cost and schedule reports.
  • Easy-to-use, role-based interfaces perfectly designed whether you are a project engineer, a project controls professional, or an executive.
  • ARM Risk Performance Manager which delivers a chart wizard to quickly build which help you stay focused on high value activities that drive performance – not overhead.
  • Integration with Deltek Cobra, MPM, wInsight that help you perform risk adjusted earned value management for truly accurate progress.


When measuring progress on your projects, it is all delivering the complete picture. Without considering risk, you are only getting 1/3 of the story. ARM provides organizations the ability to not only identify potential threats to your progress but the ability proactively mitigates those threats demonstrating your complete control of your projects.