The Leader in Enterprise Risk Management
At Active Risk, Enterprise Risk Management is at the heart of everything we do. We help our customers win by making risk management valuable and less complex. By focusing on six core steps of Enterprise Risk Management, the Active Risk approach ensures that business leaders have actionable data to make informed business decisions and capture strategic value within their organization.


Our Active Risk Manager (ARM) is the industry-leading enterprise risk management solution because of our core corporate attributes and the benefits they bring to your company:


Competitive Advantage

Business leaders who understand their organization’s risk are better able to leverage it to create opportunity and competitive advantage. With superior Enterprise Risk Management, risk can be addressed thoughtfully and proactively – ensuring that strategic goals are met.

  • Reaction times decrease, super charging business performance.
  • Project predictability improves, outperforming the competition with more on-time
    and on-budget deliveries.
  • Compliance is thoroughly addressed, boosting confidence and providing
    peace of mind.
  • And, most importantly, new opportunities are discovered, accelerating growth.


Strategic Visibility

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is more than just a task to be completed by an organization’s risk management team. Active Risk’s approach to ERM uniquely provides business leaders a comprehensive view of their organization’s risks and opportunities, enabling them to make better-informed decisions. Active Risk’s ERM technology is designed to cut through mountains of risk data to ensure that executives have the exact information that will help them to meet their strategic goals.


Actionable Data

Active Risk provides the first and only solution that can collect all risk data from anywhere in an organization. With Active Risk’s approach to ERM, all risk data is collected at the point at which it is encountered – whether on a project, in operations, or at a strategic level – ensuring true visibility across an enterprise. Comprehensive, real-time data becomes instantly actionable through dashboards and reports that are defined against business objectives.


Proven Success

Active Risk has over 25 years of experience in the Enterprise Risk Management industry. Active Risk’s customers include Fortune 100 companies and leaders in aerospace and defense, engineering and construction, energy and mining, government and other industries. View our case studies to learn more.